As the not-so-long winter rolls along, repairs to the facilities and cleaning continues. Soon the interior of the store will be fitted entirely with LED lights as we strive to cut electricity usage even more as more of the power used at the nursery is generated by solar panels.

Soon all the new plants for 2019 will be added to our digital catalog as that project continues and is scheduled to be finished in late March.

Seminars begin soon that will last through the end of March which will culminate in the “What’s New” program and some late added new items may not make it into the program as even now new items we missed will be added at the last minute.

An educational seminar at the OARDC in Wooster, Ohio on greenhouse growing next week will serve to forward our education as far as moving ahead with preventing root disease in the greenhouse and nursery stock by the introduction of beneficial biologicals and proper water management as far as plant growth is concerned.

Soon it will be February and almost six weeks of winter will have passed by then. Where does the time go?

Tom (see below for some previews)