Today is the day that the well revered meteorologist Dick Goddard on Cleveland Television for more than 50 years declared that February 15th and on was a milestone in that the end of winter is in sight as the average daily temperature begins to warm significantly. The longer days and more intense sun will signal the “waking up” call for the natural world as buds begin to swell and sap begins to flow. No where is there more evidence of sap flowing than Burton, Ohio in Geagua County as in the town circle and on surrounding farms, Sugar Maples are tapped for their sap to be turned into sweet maple syrup. In fact, Ohio is third in the line of states that produce maple syrup as many a sugar bush has been planted in northeast Ohio with woods and forests full of this wonderful tree.

Another harbinger of spring is the Home and Flower Show at the John S. Knight Center in Akron as home improvements and gardens will be on display. Although signs of spring are everywhere, no doubt the cold will continue well into March but hopefully not into late April as it did last year with cool days, cold freezing nights and snow.

Tomorrow at the nursery will be our fourth seminar with our bird expert Carol Zeh that will give a presentation on recognizing birds not by sight but by listening to their distinctive calls. Carol will not only coach the audience about the sounds of birds but also do live demonstrations such as her imitation of the Barred Owl in which Carol has said that while she has called, the owl will actually come near and swoop down closely!

Transplanting at the nursery in the greenhouse still continues at a feverish pace and in two weeks, perennial plugs will arrive to be transplanted into larger pots.

Winter is going by fast only to open into a beautiful, fast-paced spring.