Saturday is the last of our series of winter seminars and still one of the most popular for revealing all the new “stuff” for 2019 in herbaceous perennials, annual flowers, trees and shrubs. It is amazing that so much “new” becomes available every year as in the “old days” new products were much slower to come to market. No doubt, the faster introductions of today has to do with the development of tissue culture, the method of propagation in which a small amount of plant tissue is able to be turned into thousands of plants in just a year or two.

At the nursery, the _____ has hit the fan as they say with roses, lily bulbs, unrooted cuttings, unfinished repairs and clean up all coming at once!

At the annual employee safety meeting and Drug Free Workplace program required by Worker’s Compensation, everyone had to complete a test of
115 questions having to do with a variety of subjects but basically the operation of the nursery, greenhouses and customer service. Some math questions confused some but we are hoping to rectify these problems so that all employees are proficient in calculations having to do with correct fertilizer use and the amount of mulch used in a landscape bed..

Our new online catalog is just having finishing touches and will need to be proofread before being ready for the new spring season. Also, exciting news is the addition of Collin Foltz to our crew as he has a four year degree from Ohio State University in horticulture and landscape design that will give us an “in-house” designer in order to do designs of a complicated nature. Formally, Jeff, the store manager has been doing a fine job with designs and will still be helping customers in the capacity as he has a broad knowledge of landscape plants and their proper use in the landscape.






Right now it is work, work, work as we get closer to spring! See you at the seminar!