What a nice April so far! The impending frost predicted Tuesday morning did not happen as cloud cover blanketed the area that kept the earth’s heat from radiating into space.

The Soulangeana or saucer magnolia frequently opens early only to have its gorgeous blossoms turn brown from a freezing night that this year did not happen.

Magnolia Alexandrina dn reduced 2 Magnolia Soulangiana Dn Reduced

Other flowers are progressing with the warm temperatures as daffodils and some of the early flowering tulips are beginning to show color. Even the creeping phlox that two weeks ago seemed dead and lifeless with its brown foliage has sprung to life down below the Owl Barn.

The nursery outside is almost set up while the perennial house and even the annual house will open sometime next week. What a month for planting and just enjoying being outside! So what if there’s lots of rain, it beats drought any day!

Happy Easter!