The Blueberry Fest went well except for the high temperatures coupled with high humidity. The re-potting of shrubs made it possible for the majority of the workers at the nursery to remain out of the hot sun while others had to brave the hot sun to supervise outdoor events.

The cool weather of late Sunday and Monday was a welcome relief with the resulting rain over one inch as it replenished thirsty nursery stock that benefits more from the rainfall than the thorough irrigation it receives everyday.

The recently potted clematis seem to be doing well and now cuttings of azaleas, non-patented hydrangeas, magnolias and other shrubs will be stuck and placed under a mist system until they form roots and are then transplanted to larger pots in order to overwinter until planting into their final container to grow to a size ready for sale. At the same time another crew will pot up the small plugs pf perennials including more than 1000 creeping phlox, ferns, grasses and at least 100 varieties of other perennials that will grow this summer and be overwintered and then offered for sale in spring just as the recently potted clematis.
Most of the perennials to arrive are from Aris-Greenleaf which is a division of the Aris Company in Barberton. Right after , then plugs for next week will arrive bare root hostas and daylilies from Walters Gardens in Zeeland, Michigan. While the bare root plants must be handled quickly, even the plants in small plugs have to be checked for water at least twice a day as they do not have a large root mass and hence are in danger of drying out quickly.

Mid-summer is full of work along with all the other chores of mowing, trimming, weed control, insect control . . .

There is never a dull moment!