Today is the beginning of our annual fall sale in which selected items will be at 50% off the regular tagged price meaning that some good buys can be had. Please note that not everything will be on sale as much of the stock is “new crop” which means while it is ready to be sold it will actually be held for next spring sales. In addition, some items will show on inventory as being available at the sale price but again are in back stock for next spring and are not displayed in the sales yard.

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New supplies of the Green Giant Western Red Cedars and Emerald Green Arborvitae have arrived along with some conifer and miscellaneous shrubs that have been missing from our inventory since July.

Cooler temperatures and additional moisture make upcoming September a good time to plant as roots will continue to grow for up to 3 months which mean the plants will be well established before winter and ready to explode in growth next spring. September too is chrysanthemum time as many different sizes and varieties will be available and especially the iron clad, winter hardy Igloo brand mums, asters and flowering kale. For the best selection, it’s best to shop early as some items are limited and will not last long.

Sale prices are available only to Garden Club members but non-members can sign up for the same day sale price. Hope to see you at the big sale!