Surprisingly the weather has been mostly cooperative to complete outside work as the hauling of stock to winter storage still goes on in order to facilitate covering in about 10 days with the overwintering polyethylene. For the higher houses, we have a contractor with the proper tools and equipment to cover with a heavier clear poly that is 6 mls in thickness as opposed to the one year poly that is only 3 ml.

Still, the Franklinia trees don’t want to stop blooming although their end time for bloom is near. Ever since they were first discovered in 1765, Franklinias delight all who see them.

Branch cutting for Christmas decorations begins at Galehouse Tree Farm and one of the requirements is that we must notify them that we will be cutting as poachers and other unwanted vehicles still appear in the field sometime on the Galehouse Farm.

The tulip bulb planting of about three thousand along the road fence will have to wait until next week as we have been so busy on other chores but time is on our side as they can be planted until the ground freezes hard.

Heavy-berried hollies and spruce trees that are decorated and not decorated will be available soon in addition to a whole laundry list of small projects to be completed before Thanksgiving.

The only negative about all this late work is that sales are meager compared to May but ’tis the season.