Tomorrow is the beginning of the winter solstice which is the shortest day of the year since the position of the earth around the sun has the greatest tilt away from it is the northern hemisphere. Although, the coldest days upon us are in January as the northern hemisphere will continue to lose heat even though the day length increases incrementally. Seems strange to us today that the scientist Copernicus discovered that the sun, not the earth, is the center of our planetary system and that the earth travels through space around the sun whereas before the notion was that the earth was actually flat.

At the nursery, things are winding down as cut trees, greens, porch pots and even poinsettias are now reduced as these items have no value after December 24th. Grave decorations though are fairly well cleared out as we stopped production last Friday although there are still some decorations from which to select and the spruce based items can still be made for custom orders for pick up or delivery until about noon on Christmas Eve.

At the end of next week we will close our doors for winter but still will be available for any question that customers may have.

Remember this is the season for charity for all although everyday really is the season as there is no shortage of homeless, hungry or otherwise poverty stricken people.

Merry Christmas everyone!