Despite the shutdown of our retail sales work goes on for the preparation for a beautiful spring as the buds on the trees and shrubs begin to swell.  Daffodils behind the Owl Barn are now open an in (photo) other parts of the grounds in a display of floriferous sunshine.

The first wave of tree and shrub potting is done except for a smaller order coming from Michigan of birch and some white pine seedlings in which many will be given away on Earth Day which is April 22nd and the 50th anniversary of the event meant to stir awareness of the many benefits and delights that we receive from our planet and how we must guard against its degradation and destruction in our quest for finite things such as money.

This past week we also received a shipment of freshly dug hibiscus from Walters Gardens of Zeeland, Michigan.  These bare root plants will be potted and hopefully ready to sell by mid May and include at least 3 new varieties of these summer blooming beauties with dinner plate sized flowers.

This week we have also implemented our curbside pickup service as a quick, easy and safe way to get fresh color and all of your spring gardening supplies.

In another week we will be receiving stock from Lake County, Ohio and starting to set up the nursery in the hope that we will be permitted to open sometime soon as the virus problem begins to diminish and we can get on with our normal lives.