With the arrival of June, growth is fast and furious with trees, shrubs and flowers with the long, warm days. Plus, a thousand flowering hanging baskets will be available the last week of June that we are planting now and at a reduced price since no heating is required and growth is very swift. A selection of petunias, calibrachoa and Calliope geraniums will be the selection along with a planting of 8 inch petunias.

Planting of perennials still continues along with shrubs and along with it lots of trimming and spacing for shaping the plants and allowing more room for growth. Stock is still coming in and much will come online in about another month.

The tea roses are just gorgeous as the huge blooms radiate their color so that they are noticeable from afar and close up. Many have fragrance that draw in even those not typically interested in roses.

For some reason, there seems to be lots of interest in weeping willows and our large 20 gallon size will be available about June 15th as they seem to develop more rapidly than the other trees. We will keep plugging along all summer and hoping temps don’t surpass 85ºF. Wishful thinking!