We finally received our load of nursery stock on Tuesday of arborvitae, rhododendron and more Western red cedar in a variety that is somewhat more compact than Green Giant called Spring Grove. Another load of rhododendron and holly has arrived along with it and some items from Lake County, Ohio to supplement our selection that has been dwindling.

Many hydrangea from Bailey Nursery that we potted up early last March just became available and a slew of trees including tree hydrangea, flowering crabapples, serviceberry, eastern redbuds and Japanese maples will soon join the parade to restock the sales yard.

The weather has been kind in that it has not been ungodly hot and just warm enough to push gardens along with good growth. Rainfall has been mostly adequate with the ideal amount of one inch per week for the period which is now summer.

Gardeners should be on the look out for Japanese Beetles that may or may not be around in large numbers to chop on the foliage of many plants and roses. The relatively mild pesticide called Eight is a good Japanese Beetle control as it will kill the insect on contact and have a one week residual killing power. Japanese beetles have been on the decline over the years in general but scientists are not exactly sure why this is happening to this invasive non native species.

Mid July will bring another round of potting of herbaceous perennials including creeping phlox in an ever growing number of varieties that will swell the total number to at least 1500.

It’s only more work….