Saturday, September 5th is the start of our big fall sale with some but not all of perennials, trees, shrubs and roses at 50% off. Those that are on sale are clearly marked with a 50% of sign.

Remember that Dayton Dollars did expire on September 3rd so that they will not be valid to use during the sale. Some customers have suggested that the Dayton Dollars be used during the sale; however, we have the burden of making some money and using these coupons would in effect cause us to lose money. Remember also that all sale items must be paid in full and picked up within 30 days as we will not store the plants over winter as the extra care that is needed and the tracking of the items is an extra expense.

The chrysanthemum department is fully stocked again and prices on our one gallon mums has actually dropped with better quality than our 8″ pan mums.

Around the nursery here and there are the blooming hardy amaryllis that have many other common names but the botanical name is Lycoris squamigera.

Strangely the bulb emerges with leaves that die off and then in August emerge as a shoot that blooms with the Amaryllis like flower of a light pink!

Another blooming beauty is all the perennial hibiscus blooming on the grounds in shades of red, pink and white. Most have developed into large plants as they have been planted now five years ago. Like the Lycoris they are very easy to grow.

Much more product has been coming out of the growing area every week including the weeping lilac called ‘Juliana Hers’ that is somewhat hard to find. The unique weeping lilac is very easy to grow in sun and yet still has the heavenly scent of lilacs when it blossoms in the month of May.

The once too high salt levels on the small azaleas dropped after a double watering with well water and for some reason are remaining within the safe range.

Our Fall Festival, just like the Blueberry festival, has been cancelled due to the problems of not being able to maintain the safe social distancing recommended by health experts. Another casualty is the Barberton Mum Fest which is the pride of Barberton and hopefully will be restored next year.

Everyone is tired of the virus problem and waiting on the vaccine!