Well, it happened again for the fifth time!  Another partial load or 30 ft. of arborvitae and Green Giant Cedars came in last week. The plants have always been popular for screens, windbreaks and noise barriers but for some reason this year has been their year.

New Ajugas from Chris Hansen have arrived and are already potted to grow to be available next April.  The coloration is quite unusual and different from anything on the market today and follow along after Chris’s Chick Charm brand succulents and Hotcakes Delosperma.

The fall sale went well as many Garden Club customers snapped up bargains for fall planting.  Even the month of November is a flurry of root growth that seems to serve the plant well as it is almost like it was planted the year before.

Lawn work is going on everywhere as September is The Lawn Month whether it be repairs or the installation of an entire new lawn.

Without a doubt, this year as far as sales are concerned has been the busiest since the business began almost 50 years ago and that is after accounting for inflation adjusted dollars.

The pulling out of the newly planted creeping phlox is non existent after they were corralled up so that the animal responsible couldn’t or wouldn’t make the effort to climb the barriers to get at the plants.

On and on still goes the bloom of the perennial hibiscus on the grounds along with a variety of paniculata tree hydrangeas.

The market is winding down though as soon we will lose our fresh supply of sweet corn.  Fall is here and hopefully the cooler temperatures will bring more rain.