What a beautiful fall so far although it is somewhat on the dry side necessitating that newly planted trees, shrubs and mums need watered well.

Another amazing happening is that although we brought in another load of 200 Green Giant Western Red Cedars and Emerald Green Arborvitae sales were so brisk that we were nearly sold out at the end of the following Saturday! We we’re not planning to bring in another load but here we go again with our fifth truck load!

We are taking another inventory again of stock to ensure accuracy and unfortunately some items such as smaller mums are in short supply with the ten inch and twelve inch not far behind.

Cornstalks and mini straw bales are all in good supply for now and along with chrysanthemums for fall decorating. We seem to be having trouble keeping enough pumpkins in stock!

As far as educational seminars, we are possibly cancelling the 2021 winter seminar series, at least to in-person guests.

We have thrown around the idea to video tape a variety of topics that would be released each week and and place them for viewing on our web site. Each program we will try to limit to about 30 minutes each although the “What’s New” program will take more time.

We’re still placing orders one to two years ahead as our vendors warn us of impending future shortages. How strange!