More stock has arrived including a new Eastern redbud called ‘Flame Thrower’ from the breeder Danny Warner. This variety opens with new growth a maroon color, then leaves fade to orange and then yellow and finally to green with blooming occurring just like all other redbuds in late April into May with magenta flowers on the branches. Hardy to zone 5, this stunning tree with its ever changing foliage color makes it a must-have in the landscape especially after 22 years of breeding.

The march goes on or should I say digging of the trenches for planting tulips that will perform in a riot a kaleidoscope color from mid-April through mid-May.

Looking for more information on planting bulbs?  Check out our video below!

The trench method is so much faster when thousands of bulbs are involved especially 8-10 thousand! When in bloom, it’s almost like you have stepped into Holland. The reason for the planting every year is to wow the customer and hopefully that will translate into more sales although many non-customers come just to see the show and use the flower as a backdrop for a photo op. The daffodils actually start their show in early to mid-April with the variety called ‘Mount Hood’, and yellow with white on a variety called ‘Ice Follies’ including strange and beautiful narcissus.

Large Maples will be arriving next week of at least 3 different varieties including the ever popular ‘Autumn Blaze’. Just now, things have cooled enough with more moisture that the trees just now became available. Other tagged stock such as redbuds, magnolias and birch will only be dug in spring.

Finally, we will have to say goodbye to our friends from Mexico that had to go back home because the time limit on their Visa expired. But, are looking forward to seeing them again in mid-February

There’s always something to do around here whether we like it or not!