Well next Monday starts the big project of putting stock away for winter in storage in the rear polyhouses. This year might be quite the squeeze to fit everything inside as we have purchased much stock for next spring’s sales as this “just in time” supply method does not work for plants. The stock has to be weeded, maybe trimmed and then some sorted out to be potted in a larger pot for later spring sales and summer sales.

plants put away hoop house fall 2020

No doubt customers will want to shop when everything has been put away and the stock will be definitely available. It is difficult though when the houses are covered in early November as the narrow center aisle used for water access and the spraying of fungicide is quite narrow.

Fall is definitely here as the trees on the property, especially the Sugar Maple and Red Maple, are colored up in their usual display of “burning” leaves. Thirty years ago six October Glory Maples (shown below) were planted but only two now survived as they are subject to a malady called graft incompatibility that is delayed in which the graft or bud union may grow for several years only to have the tree suddenly die from this incompatibility.

Acer OctoberGlory onproperty dn reduced

The Wolf Eyes dogwood in the botanical garden that has variegated green and white leaves is now getting its characteristic pink tint. This coloration is another good reason to plant this tree. When the tree was planted during the hot summer of 2012 it nearly died until a regimen of everyday watering of the tree planted into the sandy-gravelly soil.

Cornus WolfEyes Layout

I can’t wait until all the houses are covered in November. What a chore!