We are well on our way to winterizing the nursery as the trees and shrubs have been moved to winter storage except those that are in the ground in our pot-and-pot system. Their roots will pick up ground heat and not be killed by the winter cold.

This past week we began covering our overwintering huts with a 3 mil layer of white polyethene that will reflect the sun and not cause overheating of the houses as a clear polyethylene would.

covering greenhouse tractor plastic house 9 fall 2020

Remember that all stock is available and that the retrieval is just more time consuming especially after the houses are covered with the poly.

Also, our flower bulb planting just finished up this week. Woohoo! The final Darwin and single late tulips were planted this past week along with some crocus, Allium ‘Giganteum’, 1250 total daffodils and narcissus and almost 12,000 tulip bulbs.

Our next project will be to drain waterlines of the irrigation system along with the unused ebb-and-flow tables and tank in the perennial and annual greenhouses.

Finally, the cutting of Scotch pine branches will begin, followed later by spruce branches at the Galehouse Tree Farm in Doylestown.

Then, next week will start the job of assembling the various styles of fresh greens for grave decorations so that we may prepare for deliveries and pickups right before Thanksgiving.

To see a listing of our holiday selection, click here.

Cut Christmas trees from Southern Ohio and fresh greens arrive in 2-3 weeks so that customers will be able to pick out their tree and save it for later pickup, delivery or even a setup in the stand.

I can’t believe that October is almost over already. Where did this year go?