Well, it’s started. The construction of the grave blankets with the cutting of scotch pine branches and later followed by spruce at Galehouse Tree Farms in Doylestown. Unfortunately, the heavy rains delayed things because of the problem of getting the truck stuck between the rows as happened two years ago.

Our bulb planting has finally ended with the last shipment of 700 tulips from Netherland Bulb Company for planting on the grounds for spring bloom.

boxes of netherland bulbs tulips fall 2020 reduced

It’s amazing how much the poinsettias are showing more color from last week as the days get shorter. The bottom heat from the tubes below the plants serve the plants well resulting in larger flower brackets that all most hide the leaves below. Now with the control of whiteflies with beneficial insects, no pesticide residue will be on the plants which is safe for people and pets.

poinsettias in greenhouse november 2020 B reduced

To say the least, the ground is saturated and our irrigation pond is full of rain water that will come in handy starting in early spring.

Wreaths and roping will be coming soon along with other greens this month as we move into the Christmas season.

The first batch of geranium cuttings has been stuck that are all marked for larger hanging baskets to be followed by at least four other cuttings of the plants in which the stock plants will go into 14 inch fiber pots and some into baskets as large as 21 inch that will need some engineering to hang them in our greenhouse because of their great weight.

geranium cuttings layout november 2020

The winter storage houses are bursting at the seams with trees and shrubs and finally covered and ready for winter.

plants in hoop house fall 2020 reduced

Fall is so busy!