Although we are nearing the end of our grave blanket construction, we still have a back stock of branches in which to make more for orders and keep some in stock for customers to view and pickup.

Last week we got our pickup truck stuck three times at Galehouse Tree Farm in the muddy and saturated soil from the past week’s snowfall. Hopefully, when we receive our new electric pickup from Lordstown Motors next year the four electric motors on each wheel will work like a four wheel drive vehicle.

As the poinsettias vacate, the production in the greenhouse begins with the transplanting of our first now rooted batch of geraniums all to 12″ hanging baskets. The next batch we are rooting will be for the 10″ hanging baskets to be transplanted in early January along with some of these plants going into a trade gallon container.

Geranium cuttings December 2018 pink

For awhile now, the Calliope types and Americana varieties have been all the rage but newer types such as the more compact Moxie, new colors of Calliopes and a variety called Tango have been added this year.

Geranium Calliope Hanging Basket on Floor dn

The second week of January will bring a delivery of rooted New Guineas Impatiens and vining geraniums from our long time supplier Zeller’s Greenhouse in Hartville.

Most will be transplanted into 10″ pots that will become available in early May. In addition, more cuttings will be taken from vining geraniums for sales in a 4½ inch pot to be used in baskets and window boxes.

After all off the mid-January work, more cuttings to be rooted will arrive from Central America and another batch of geranium cuttings will be harvested for rooting in late January.

So much work to get everything in order for spring!