The Christmas cleanup is accomplished although many repairs and maintenance projects remain. We had donated our last 10 Fraser Firs to Grace Church of Norton as they have a large congregation and a better chance in finding a family in need of a tree on Christmas Eve.

We are closed today and begin our shutdown for two months until reopening around March 1st. Behind the scenes though work begins on our upcoming online seminars that will be recorded and questions can be asked about the topic with answers coming via Facebook, YouTube and email.

Still there is no end in sight to chores in the greenhouse in which work will continue through the end of April in order to get ready for the opening of the greenhouse around May 1st.

In late May more pots and baskets will be planted for late June through July sales for customers getting a late start on their flowers. Then there is the massive arrival of small plugs of hosta, grasses and other perennials from early June through September that will grow and go into winter storage for sales the following spring.

Plugs terra nova august 2018 B

This past November more black top was rolled down by the company Barberton Asphalt Paving in order to make snow removal easier in the delivery driveway, facilitate easier rolling of baby strollers for parents with young children and the resulting more runoff of water to capture it to feed our ever hungry pond (shown below) that irrigates our stock on the outside. The last of the black top projects will be completed next fall with the same objective in mind.

back pond3

No doubt, the winter will pass quickly as we stay busy and forward to finish our work.

Here is to a much better 2021….