It’s never ending with the planting and sticking of thousands of cuttings!

Now with the construction starting of the online catalog, many detailed descriptions have been finished concerning the new items except we are still waiting for our acknowledgment from Brotzman’s Nursery for about
**SIXTY** varieties of magnolias.

These descriptions will be used to write auxiliary signs that give much more detail than the general picture sign. We believe it’s helpful to our customers as the more detailed sign makes it easier to make wise purchasing decisions.

When we started writing these signs in 2000, there are now about a total of 300 and this year we will be adding a minimum of 100 of these signs or more to illuminate the more detailed information.

Some of the info identifies pollinators that would favor the plants, what drainage is necessary, what amount of shade will the plant tolerate, are neutral or more acid soils favored and are any fruits edible or in fact poisonous.

More billboard signs are in the works too including a new location sign that will be easily visible near the entrance of the main sidewalk that with its guide to indicate the different areas of the sprawling complex.

Continuous improvement is what we are all about.


p.s. For more information on current projects, be sure to check out our weekly update vlog!