Yesterday was our annual employee meeting where we went over some upcoming changes, new plants for 2021, safety videos and we met with a representative from Ohio’s Bureau of Worker’s Compensation Drug Free Workplace program. With all of the heavy equipment we use on a daily basis, safety is our top priority!

We have been potting away back in the greenhouses! The Tiny Lily series is taking top priority right now with a plethora of annuals and perennial plants due to ship next week. In fact, quite a lot of the Dayton Nursery workforce is back next week to begin the spring potting season.

Our 2021 plant catalog is coming along nicely but waiting on vendor acknowledgements has become frustrating as we cannot move on with the catalog until they are all available.

And boy oh boy are we increasing the amount of 2′ x 3′ signs here at the nursery for spring! From Sweet Peet, ground covers, hydrangeas, azaleas, roses, mountain laurels, seasonal interest in the landscape, a fruit plant pollination chart and more… you will find an abundance of information to read as you browse.

Plus, we now have a certified arborist on staff and we will announce more about that later.

See you at 11:00 am Saturday for the online seminar!