Well the short cold blast of this past week has promised better weather for the foreseeable future. In the high winds we lost the cover of polyethylene on our roses that are not finished yet and had to cover it again early Sunday morning in 20 mph winds and bouts of rain.

The last of the Oregon trucks have yet to arrive plus the plants from Lake County in which all items will be placed directly into the sales yard.

The tulips are coming up everywhere (all 12,000) that will be blooming starting in mid April while older and newly planted daffodils are blooming now along with forsythia on the grounds.

Potting of numerous perennials still goes on (ugh) with the arrival of bare root hibiscus from Michigan from our main supplier Walters Gardens.

Our tropical plant truck from Florida is due next week followed by another one the week after.

The last load of stock will come from Madison, Ohio of Canadian Hemlock which seem to do much better when dug just before they get ready to grow which also applies to fragrant Viburnum and dogwood trees.

Work, work, work is our motto for today until mid June.