This week begins our deliveries from Willoway Nurseries of Avon, Ohio and items from Lake County nurseries that will spill into next week. Much of our bareroot shrubs and tree potting is done although this week the last of our bareroot perennials will arrive and then the next week will begin more potting of mostly shrubs in what are called “plugs.”

Then sandwiched in between all this activity will be the removal and display of trees and shrubs from the winter storage huts as we try to serve customers and make deliveries as well!

A general cleanup is also needed for weeds and the notorious hairy bitter cress is back in town after growing all winter long!

Similar to last year, the western red cedars called Green Giant seem to be very popular as they are so fast growing with few problems with one being deer browsing.

A new hire from Ohio State university will start soon that is majoring in Landscape Architecture but for now will most likely help in sales and the more menial chores of potting, trimming and loading customers.

We’re getting ready for the even now busy season and hope that everyone will be patient as we are trying our best.  Some rain would be nice to settle things down and we need it anyway.