Already the last day of April with tomorrow being May Day!

Although the greenhouse is fully stocked, some annual flower and veggie plants are not ready although it’s still too early to plant. Frost and freezes may be over for now but there are a few cold nights in the forecast and even mildly cold temperatures can stunt these types of plants.

The perennial house has been delayed but will be open very soon with old favorites and the newest introductions in a vast army of perennial flowers.

Our expansive Magnolia collection is displayed along with one reserved of each variety to use for cuttings in order to keep the stock going although we may miss one or two years of production due to the size of the small plants that must grow.

azalea cuttings

Azalea production has greatly increased as we struggle to fill demand. Although, with the space occupied for Azaleas we will have less space for other plants to grow.

Now the late tulips are coming into bloom and should last until Mother’s Day for the moms to enjoy as well as a walk through the nursery and expansive greenhouse.

Potting flowers, shrubs and perennials will still go on behind the scenes as we struggle to complete it before the arrival of a huge hosta order coming the first week of June.

Now, things are definitely moving!