Now that we are past the summer solstice, July is spastically our hottest month. While the west is experiencing record drought, the eastern half of the country seems to be adequately moist.

In the west one of the problems is its increase of population over the past 20 years to where water is in short supply. For sure the water of the Great Lakes states would be a boon to those dry western states although relations with our neighbor Canada would be strained or forever broken and the fact that the eight states have a compact with Canada preventing any water from leaving the watershed feeding the lakes and thus protecting this valuable ecosystem.

No doubt that Ohio is the Saudi Arabia of water so that the state must and will get pollution from phosphorus and nitrate pollution to insure clearer water for everyone including wildlife.

At the nursery, water supplies from our recycling and collection program from the property has serviced us well as it is chlorinated and filter before its use on nursery stock.

DJI 0937

Around July 1st, much more of the potted stock from April and May will become available including trees and a massive variety of shrubs although more balled and burlapped stock will not be available until October when it goes dormant.

The perennial and annual sale will continue until about the middle of July when newer stocks start to become available.

The Owl Barn Market is now open for business as we head into summer and will remain open through the end of September with locally grown fresh produce as it becomes available.

Well, that’s it for now!