WHAT A WEEK! Between unloading a semi of new plants, potting up Clematis plugs for next spring and the lengthy task of preparing for the Blueberry Bash this Saturday, we have been nothing but BUSY little bees!

To start off I wanted to announce a brand new shipment of the ever popular Arborvitae and Western Red Cedars. Plus, we also received some beautiful Japanese maple specimens, Junipers and evergreen azaleas all from Oregon.

So, if you’re looking to plant a hedge, now is definitely the time!


Next up is a large order of Clematis plugs that arrived a few days ago. They looked very fresh and healthy. These 600+ plants will be potted up, trellised, tagged and stored until next April where we will cut them back a few times until they are ready to be sold.

Clematis plugs summer 2021

And, last, but not least, is the never ending task of setting up a festival here at the nursery! There are so many minor details to work out including setup, coordinating vendors and staff… it seems to never end!

And did I mention we had 300 POUNDS of fresh blueberries to weigh up into pints and quarts?

By the way, these particular blueberries are so overly sweet that they don’t even taste like a typical blueberry, it is unreal!

blueberries bulk 2021

For more information about the Blueberry Bash, see below.

We hope to see you all on Saturday to celebrate this yummy blue fruit!