Now that the Blueberry Fest is past we can concentrate on the Fall Family Fun Day that is normally one week before the Mum Fest and subsequent Cider Fest to not conflict with these festivals.

Even more stock from potting early spring has been brought out such as Clump Whitespire Birch, Magnolia Genie more hydrangeas and several perennials and grasses.  Now azalea Fedora still needs to be taken along with the large overdue planting of Clematis as many more perennials are coming soon to be potted.  The clematis were delayed as we were waiting on trellises that were delivered on Monday.

Yet another load of balled and burlapped stock and container stock will arrive from Oregon the third week of August as well as a smaller load of container plants from our local supplier, Willoway Nursery.  All our suppliers are of the best quality as we strive to achieve that for our customers as we are customer driven based on their expectations and desires.

Walters Gardens of Zeeland, Michigan is our favorite perennial grower as the quality and service is unsurpassed.

I will be flying to Oregon soon to take a tour of our Oregon suppliers as I want to see what’s available in the old and what’s new.  I will write a full report after the tour and take photos of high resolution as well.

Tomorrow on Saturday, I will be giving a tour of the botanical garden then to the facilities for growing, water recycling and solar panels.  The tour is full but another one is scheduled for 11 a.m. on August 14th.