While we have done much to reduce our environmental impact to produce beautiful products without degrading the environment, our quest never ends. With the addition of water recycling rain water capture, solar panels and beneficial insects for insect control in the greenhouse and the omni rated calcium chloride for disease control, more is in store.

SolarPanel Drone

We have ordered two electric pick up trucks from Ford and Lordstown Motors and now will add a solar bank array to our pump house to generate enough power to negate the amount of power used from the grid from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. when there is no solar power available. It may be that to truly eliminate power from the grid from the use of three phase electricity we may need to supplement the use of batteries for storage such as the Tesla power wall that also could be used for the single phase electricity in the store buildings, greenhouses and market building.

Another problem yet that needs to be solved is heating in the greenhouse. The problem is that eighty percent of the heating is required at night and that it is accomplished with the fossil fuel natural gas which although is more “friendly” than coal, the houses would take huge amounts of electric heat especially in the winter. The heating especially for the greenhouse that would make it prohibitively expensive at today’s rates making this aspect to be placed on hold for awhile.

The future looks bright and someday soon rather than later, this problem of heating the greenhouses will be solved.