Back by popular demand is another tour of the nursery facility and adjacent Wolf Creek Gardens this Saturday at 11 a.m. Subjects included will be the tour of the garden pointing out interesting native and non native plants along with specific plantings and blending of those plantings in a natural setting similar to English gardens in the late eighteenth century and nineteenth century in order to get away from the structural geometric gardening in former times. Other aspects of the tour will include the complicated water recycling systems, the no pesticide policy in the green house, solar energy and the emphasis on a “buy local” program by keeping money in resources closer to home.

Unfortunately this tour is again full but we are planning on another date very soon so please stay tuned.

Shortages in our store and supplies needed by the nursery seem to be everywhere as we struggle to keep things stocked and continued ordering. For a short while, pine bark mulch used in our planting mixes was scarce then it was the wetting agent that makes it possible for the mix to absorb water from the dry components such as Canadian sphagnum peat moss and the pine bark.

In the store, large bags of plantone and hollytone are available as well as certain pesticides needed for bagworm and azalea lacebug. Another problem is the continual rise in prices of nursery stock, supplies for production and store product. With inflation running at about 5.3% per annum, it is still much better than the 15% in the late seventies as the Federal Reserve Bank believe inflationary pressure will be only temporary.

The potting of herbaceous perennials still goes on as we will not finish until early October with garden peonies or Paeonia lactiflora as they are know by their scientific name.

IMG 2913b

IMG 2917b

We have ordered all our Better Gro potting soil for this fall and next spring already to anticipate our planting needs and needs of customers in order to prevent some lapses in supply as we had last spring. Almost all nursery orders are in for spring and summer of 2022 as to prevent more shortages although it is our belief that by next spring prices as well as supply problems will settle down.

better gro soil

Well, be sure to listen to our radio program on 1590 WAKR a.m. shortly after 8 a.m. to see if you can answer the “impossible question” on a variety of plant questions.

Hope to see you at the Fall Family Fun Day on Saturday, September 18th that is free this year!