After a week of hot weather the temperature on Monday was only a high of 82ºF making it easier on plants and people alike. Another ¼ inch of rain fell and while not enough, already the soil was adequately moist.

The orders for next spring are nearly in with Monrovia to finish up. With nursery stock from Oregon and tropicals and annuals from their Georgia facility.

The Heliopsis of a thousand blooms called Sun Believable is as such as one plant over this growing season will produce a yellow blossom of about a thousand that pollinators just love.

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Other tropicals are ordered including the banana that is winter hardy to climatic Zone 5 and Lantana and bougainvillea trees that for some reason don’t shed their blossoms from a buildup of ethylene gas like from our other vendors and not Monrovia.

A new and interesting Canna will be available in early April called Cleopatra that has red and yellow leaves on the upper portion and green leaves with red and yellow flowers. New and unusual house plants will be coming from central California from Monrovia since our recent supplier called Barco’s shut down.

Friday is the beginning of our fall sale in which selected items are 50% off. The sale is open to Garden Club members only and then to the general public on Tuesday. Customers not a member of our garden club may provide complete information plus email and get the same prices the same day.