The word at the nursery is mums, pansies, pumpkins, cornstalks as fall decorating is the norm.  Fall planting of trees, shrubs and perennials is popular as customers take advantage of the cool days and greater moisture resulting in an unseen explosion of root growth that will almost be like going an extra year of growth when the plants break out into growth in the spring.

The thousands of geraniums are finally planting with two plugs per a two gallon pot for use in no less of 12 batches of cuttings to be used in different sizes of hanging baskets and pots beginning with the first batch in early December.  Then at the same time, the grave blankets will still be in full swing of construction and delivery as well as the harvesting of scotch pine, white pine, and Colorado spruce branches.

The stock of the ever popular Flame Thrower Eastern Red Bud seems to be adequate with more for sale and transplanting coming next spring along with about 40,000 perennials, almost a thousand bareroot trees, and thousands of bareroot and small potted shrubs to be grown to a larger size.

Even now, shifting up of pot bound plants is going on.  What a busy fall and what a busy winter it will be with equipment maintenance, new color signs for new products, painting, more cleaning and greenhouse production.  It never stops!