Sadly, the beautiful annuals were pulled out of the beds as we must start planting 15,000 flower bulbs while the weather is favorably and the help is available. Wide trenches will be dug with as many as 16 bulbs placed across the trench about 4 inches deep and then finished off with a one inch layer of sweet peet for insulation and nutrition in the spring. Fourteen thousand tulips, one thousand narcissus and two hundred hyacinth will adorn the grounds everywhere. Starting with the Darwin tulips with blooms beginning in late April, triumph and single late ones will finish up right after Mother’s Day.

Our large sought after Azalea Fedora have been finally rooted and planted as we have now 180 plants that will be available for the spring of 2023. A 3 gallon size will be available in August of 2023.

Azalea Fedora Dn

More balled and burlapped trees are coming this fall including Maples and American Elm. These will be followed by at least 100 more varieties of trees next spring from various sources. We also found a new source for Paw Paws, or Asimina triloba, that will appear next spring with at least 5 additional varieties.

Around November 1st we will be covering the houses in order to get ready for winter. That’s all for now.