As the Christmas season approaches it’s the same old construction and delivery of grave blankets and the harvesting of branches.

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This past week we have been working on geranium cuttings that will go into various size pots and hanging baskets and in most cases the product will not be available until the first week of May which now seems far off but in reality is not as greenhouse work and repair and maintenance of the facilities and equipment will still hold sway.

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Our three Amigos from Mexico, as they are affectionately called, will be arriving from Mexico on February 7th as they will help out in the greenhouse during the cold period to be followed by outside work when the weather warms. When they first came here four years ago, Juve, the main English speaker, stated that with the long spring hours when they make lots of money, to make the same amount of money that they make here in one week, it would take 2 months or more in Mexico.

The dollar is about 21 times the worth of the peso, so that the main reason to come to the United States is to provide a better life for their families. Smart, clean, happy and never refusing work would describe all of the three men well. While never refusing work they do like to have every Tuesday off to shop, wire money to their families and rest in the farm house near the property that was built by the Wertman family in 1870.

They are very well accepted by all employees as they are such a pleasure to work with and because of their hard working nature make everyone’s job a little bit easier.

Thanksgiving has already passed but hopefully, everyone has remembered their many blessings and for those less fortunate have helped others in need in the spirit of the great commandment of “Love thy neighbor as thy self.”