The repotting of pot bound material goes on in a wide array of products that in most cases can be available about May 1st. Some of the items were for sale, but may not sell which is the main reason for the “shift up” to a larger pot.

We are still waiting on almost 8,000 spring flowering bulbs to plant from the Netherland Bulb Company as they have some of the best quality in Holland bulbs and spring flowering perennials for the price rendered.

Soon we will be covering houses getting ready for winter as we also must start cutting branches of spruce and scotch pine as construction will begin soon.

Clean up continues as perennial hibiscus has been cut back, hydrangea have had their old spent flowers removed and grasses cut back in the landscape.

Hydrangea Limelight Stems Amy

Our cut Fraser Fir and White Pine are from a small family farm from St.
Clairsville, Ohio for which our order was placed about December 15th of last year as there is a heavy demand for trees from this small family farm due to their excellent quality.

The first week of December we’ll be our first cuttings of geraniums that will be stuck and the following by at least 9 more cuttings as they are planted into different size pots and hanging baskets and almost will be available around the first of may.

Clean up is almost done as we round the bend on winter’s grip.