The Grave blanket construction is well under way as we continue to construct them and harvest branches as orders pour in.

The flower bulb planting is nearly done as the second batch of 8,000 is nearly accomplished in order to ooh and ah all the customers that visit the nursery in spring and making them think they just stepped into Holland.

Covering of the winter storage huts will be accomplished by the middle of next week as we get ready for the long cold winter. Again, all stock is available even though it is put away in the storage huts and it’s an excellent time for planting as root growth is quite prolific as the top growth shuts down.

IMG 5980

Poinsettias are coloring up nicely which is possible because of the shorter daylength. One older variety called Freedom was designed to be in full color by Thanksgiving but must be lighted in order to have its peak bloom around Christmas.

Soon a myriad of cuttings will arrive to be stuck with several waves of cuttings to come throughout winter into late march.

In the dead of winter lots of maintenance.