Easter Sunday early in the morning, temperatures under clear skies were 31ºF and we were able to protect the tender new growth with water. Unfortunately if temperatures fell to the upper twenties this makes water protection impossible. In this case since, water does not work, it is necessary to carry larger blooming trees such as redbuds and using massive amounts of frost covers to protect tender growth on plants and fruits.

Then there is the potting of bareroot material, what we call jump starts, from Bailey Nurseries with more to follow from Spring Meadow Nursery and B&B plants from Michigan.

Tropicals are well stocked as there were massive shortages last year. No doubt with rising shipping costs and prices, costs have risen although not all in the range of 10% instead of what we did expect on some of even 15 to 20%.

Hibiscus yellow dn reduced

The H2A labor of legal immigrants from Mexico have been working out very well as they work very fast and efficiently, so much so that it would be quite the hardship without them. With little opportunity in Mexico for making a living, the men are able to provide better for their families.

Lastly, the in store coupons for Sweet Peet, Potting Mixes, and Fertilizers expires the 25th of April. Be sure to stock up now to take advantage of the savings.

That’s it for now as we roll along.