To protect the work and grounds of Dayton Nurseries, Inc and it’s affiliates.

Photography Policies

In this digital age, we must protect the work of Dayton Nurseries, Inc and it’s affiliates.  Images on this website are protected by copyright laws.  Even if the located image does not have a copyright notice, the familiar © symbol, it is protected by copyright.

All photography on site is also restricted. Please see below.

Dayton Nursery does not permit the use of its name, image, or grounds for commercial purposes without prior approval. Arrangements to film or photograph must be made in advance.

Image Use

While many of our images are publicly-accessible, they are not public domain. The vast majority of the images, and a number of the texts, are copyrighted to Dayton Nurseries, Inc. with a number of other texts  and images still copyrighted to their original print publishers and made available here with permission.

Images on this website are the copyrighted property of Dayton Nurseries, Inc. and/or of it’s licensing agents.

If you would like to attain images for your own promotional use or for other media purposes, please contact us for prior permission.

Photography on Premises

Dayton Nursery grants permission to amateur and professional photographers the use of our grounds with the following rules:

  • Request prior permission via phone or e-mail.  Include the date(s) in question plus estimated length of photo shoot and end use of images.
  • Photography does not interfere with normal business operations.
  • Pay $25.00 facility fee per day for use of the grounds.

These rules apply to professional photography and non-professional family sessions and senior pictures.

We do not permit school dance photography during the busy spring months without prior consent.

Photography must occur during regular business hours unless special permission is obtained from the office.

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