Professionals in the garden industry on various topics sharing their vast knowledge with us.

2024 Winter Seminar Series: Seminars are held Saturdays at 11:00AM 

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February 17 The Basics of Vegetable Gardening and How to
do it Successfully!

Speaker: Lee Paulson, 25 Year Summit County Master Gardener
Fee: $10.00 per person
Are you ready for Spring and the freshness that comes along with planting your own food? Lee Paulson will discuss the basics of planting, nurturing and harvesting a vegetable garden. Learn tips and proven methods to increase enjoyment and productivity of your garden. Useful information for both the beginner as well as the experienced gardener.

February 24– Plants for Wet Garden Spaces

Speaker: Dani Osborne, Perennial Manager at Dayton Nursery
Fee: $10.00 per person
Last year we presented ‘Plants for Dry Garden Spaces’. Now in 2024, let’s talk about the opposite end of the spectrum! Want to learn how to tolerate an existing area that always fills with water? How about creating your own bog/water environment in your garden? We will discuss what plants will thrive in those wet areas and the benefits of having a water garden. We are also thrilled to bring you a special featured plant – Pitcher Plants (Sarracenias)!

March 2– Oh, Deer!  

Speaker: Carol Zeh, Audubon Member
Fee: $10.00 per person
As beautiful and graceful as they are, deer have become a nuisance to many local gardens. In this seminar, Carol will teach us ways to protect your garden from foraging deer, avoid plants that are favorites of our hungry friends and select the top plants they avoid! Lastly, Carol will share the incredible stories of her friend Dillie the Deer!

March 9– The Best of Coneflowers

Speaker : Speaker: Jason Veil, Curator Secrest Arboretum, The Ohio State University – Wooster Campus
Fee: $10 per person
Over the past decade, Coneflowers (Echinacea) have become tremendously popular garden perennials. A flurry of breeding activity has yielded scores of new varieties in nearly every color of the rainbow. For many, this recent proliferation of sumptuous selections has sown the seeds of confusion and, sometimes, disappointment. To remedy this issue, Secrest Arboretum spent three years evaluating over 100 varieties of ornamental coneflowers in an unbiased quest to pick the best of the best. This presentation will cover coneflower basics, the methods and results of Secrest’s trial, and a look at our top recommendations.

March 16– What’s New for 2024

Speakers: Dani Osborne, Jody Ruther, and Melanie Sonntag of Dayton Nursery
Fee: $10 per person
From trees and shrubs to perennials and annuals, plus all the happenings around the nursery, find out what is new from our very own team. Participants in this talk will get a photographic view of the coolest and newest introductions in the world of plants chosen by the experts at Dayton’s. This very popular talk is usually well-attended so sign up early!


May 4– Women Who Made the Greatest Contribution to Horticulture and Our Environment

Speakers: Lee Paulson, 25 Year Summit County Master Gardener
Fee: $10 per person
What better way to celebrate Moms and women in gardening then remembering the ladies who had the biggest impact on the industry! Hear many interesting stories of remarkable women who overcame prejudice and were almost denied opportunity to expand the horizons of horticulture and the environment.

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