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Welcome to our Perfect Plant® interactive PLANTWEED and BUG finder.  We are the first and only garden center in Ohio with this amazing technology!

The Perfect Plant® is an interactive module that categorizes plant, bug and weed information into an easy to find fashion.  The time and effort searching for plants and pest information is reduced with this handy tool.

The data within this module was not written for us, it was written by us, assuring you the best and most accurate information for our NE Ohio lawns and landscapes.

Plant Finder

Search by type, sunlight, height/spread, foliage color, bloom time and various other attributes.

Then create your very own Garden Wishlist™ to download.

Weed Finder

Search by type, growth habit, bloom color, leaf shape, seed head spikes and various other attributes.

Then create your very own My Weeds List to download.

Bug Finder

What’s bugging you?  Search for a specific bug to not only find information but control options as well.

Then create your very own My Bug List to download.