We offer 3 different and varied approaches to landscape design depending on the scope of the project.

Looking to refresh an existing landscape or create a new one from scratch? Dayton’s Landscape Design team can assist you in creating the perfect new space! Our designers can compose an attractive, unique and functional plan that will set you apart from the typical neighborhood landscape. We offer three distinctly different professional landscape design services to suit your needs and budget. Dayton’s quality plant material and expert planting advice will make it easy to implement your plan, boosting your curb appeal, increasing the value of your property, and enhancing outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining.

Advice and know-how to make your investment grow thrives at Dayton Nurseries as the plant business is our only business!

Not only does our advice pertain to landscaping, but covers the areas of lawn problems, insects and disease, fertilizing, proper trimming and much more.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

JRS Lawn & Landscape

In business since 2004, Jeff Smith of JRS Lawn & Landscape is an ICPI certified hardscape installer and certified in landscape design, ponds, water features and tier one low voltage lighting. Because of the quality of their work, JRS has become our main installation company. Let Jeff & his professional crew install the landscape of your dreams!

Dayton’s offers the following approaches for landscape design:

With our step-by-step process, we can help you realize your vision with three distinctly different service offerings to suit your needs.

We are in the process of finding another designer for our team here at Dayton Nursery. Until then our landscape department is temporaily 

suspended. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to meeting your full expectations soon! 

Thanks to Karen Grey, for her time here and we wish her luck in her retirement.


An in-depth service for larger and more complex landscape undertakings, and for customers who desire an on-site consultation. Our designer will visit your project site to meet with you and discuss your needs. They will perform all necessary measurements and take photos of the design areas.

What to expect? 

  • A site visit and consult by the designer
  • A to-scale, computer-aided design plan with plant names indicated
  • A plant list with photos and descriptions
  • A cost estimate for all plants and materials
  • A scheduled presentation of the design at the nursery with the designer

COST – A site visit/consult fee of $275 is due at time of visit. Design development cost is based on square footage and complexity, with fees due at presentation of the finished design. Costs can vary widely depending on size and scope of your project and any complicating factors. Your designer can help you determine a cost projection or discuss your budget with you.

For questions regarding our premium landscape design or to submit your materials, please send an email to

You may also utilize the Contact form below.


A thorough consideration of all design criteria is given to Complete designs for a very reasonable fee. This service is best suited for medium-sized and fairly uncomplicated project areas. We keep fees low by asking you to provide photos and a sketch with all measurements. Please review the Supply the Designer section below

What to expect? 

  • A to-scale, computer-aided design plan with plant names indicated
  • A plant list with photos and descriptions
  • A cost estimate for all plants and materials
  • A scheduled presentation of the design at the nursery with the designer
  • Limited to about 750 square feet total

COST – You get a comprehensive landscape design for a flat fee of $300. Fee is due at presentation of the finished design.

To get started, either fill out and submit the Contact form below or send an email with your materials to to


For our very popular FREE service, the Quick landscape design plan provides you with an attractive, simple landscape design for a limited project area at no charge. We ask you to do the legwork and provide us photos and a sketch of the project area with measurements. Please review the Supply the Designer section below.

What to expect?

  • A hand-drawn sketch of the design area with plant names indicated
  • A plan that is either rough scale or fully to scale
  • For smaller areas; limited to approx. 300 square feet total
  • Upon request, a cost estimate for plants and materials can be provided
  • Available only to resident homeowners

COST– You get a utilitarian landscape design for FREE!

During the busy spring season we are unable to complete Quick designs “on the fly” for stop-in customers, so we ask that you drop off or email your sketch with measurements and project area photographs, along with your name, address, email address and phone number. You may also fill out the Contact form below and submit your request. Our designer will contact you with questions when we are ready to begin your design. Once your Quick design is complete, we will contact you to pick up your design, or email it to you.  

Emails can be sent to  to


For both our Complete Landscape Design and Quick Landscape Design services we are able to keep costs low by putting you in charge of gathering and providing all project information for the designer.

You will need to provide:

• Name and address of the project site, your address if different from project site, your phone number and email address.

• A brief description of your project.

• A sketch of the project area with measurements.

• Photos of the project area.

The following guidelines will help you to provide clear and complete information.

Sketch with measurements:

Start by sketching an outline of the project area including house, garage, porch, sidewalk and driveway, if applicable. Please indicate any wall and window bay bump-outs on the house.

Measure each length of wall; width and depth of bump-outs, porch, steps, sidewalk and driveway and mark these measurements on the corresponding area of your sketch. Measurements should be rounded to the nearest foot. If you are not sure what measurements to take, please email a few photos with your questions.

For any existing planting beds, measure length of beds as well as depth in narrowest and widest points. For beds with many curves and bump-outs, please give plenty of measurements to help us render these accurately. We will need not only the widest and narrowest points but the distance from these points to the end of the bed or building.

Any immovable existing elements that are in or near the design area, such as well head, septic, structures, walls, large rocks, etc., must be located in your sketch with dimensions (HxWxL) and measurements from other elements in several directions so that we can locate them accurately in the plan. Indicate water/hose access points on
the house/garage with measurements to nearest building corner so that we can avoid blocking access with new landscaping. Utility meter on buildings that are in the design area should be located with measurements as well.

If you wish to avoid “blocking” views from windows, please provide measurements to the center point of the window from the nearest corner of house, the width of window, and height from ground to sill.

If possible, note on your sketch which areas are sunny and which are full or part shade.


Take clear, bright photos of the area to be designed from several angles as well as directly in front. Take several photos from farther back that include the entire home so the designer can balance the design with the shape and height of the structure.

If there are beds with many curves and bump-outs, it is helpful to get elevated photos looking down at the beds, though it’s not mandatory.

The more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate your design plan will be.

Materials may be submitted via email to While you may drop off materials at the garden center, photos are best submitted digitally.


If you’d rather have Dayton’s staff do all the measuring and photography of your design area, please contact your designer to discuss a site visit and related fee.


Areas served: Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Wooster & Surrounding Areas

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